Our Services

Search Engine for furnished rentals in Denver:

Search Denver area for properties by location, monthly rent, property type, number of bedrooms
View property images for comprehensive view of the property
Owner provided description and list of amenities on each listing
Contact information for reaching property owner or representative on each offering

Services for property advertisers:

• Reach a huge audience of corporate travelers for under a dollar day
• Learn how to enter and be successful in the corporate housing business Owners Handbook
 • Use our service partners for: 
    • doing background/credit checks, 
    • setting up credit card payments, 
    • getting special owners insurance, 
    • finding lease documents, 
    • professional photography all at discounted pricing

Some of whom we help:

Corporate Clients – find temporary furnished rental  housing in Metro Denver, these include condos, townhouses, and single-family homes, each in desired residential settings
Personal Travel – for whatever reason you need a home away from home, extended family visits, testing the area before committing to a new residence, long vacations, medical requirements etc.
Housing during Insurance work – need to vacate your home during repairs? Your opportunity to find a residence that works for your family while this work is completed is greatly enhanced by using the Denver Furnished Rentals database. 
Nurse Housing – pulled away from home because of a remote assignment you can find a reasonably priced property to provide a comfortable retreat from your busy schedule, avoiding the hotel or extended stay option.
Under Construction – forced from your home during construction or while waiting for completion of your new home use our resources to locate a temporary home to satisfy the needs of your family during the period.